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Common workplace injuries in California

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

While many people associate work injury with construction sites, no job is immune to them. There are many types of workplace injuries an employee in Ukiah, California, may experience.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are among the common workplace injuries, that may occur on the same level or from heights. The healthcare industry has the highest risk of nonfatal falls, and the construction industry has the highest risk of fatal falls.

Falls on the same level often occur from slick floors, loose wiring, clutter, uneven flooring, poor lighting, and loose carpeting. Falls to a lower level, such as from ladders, happen more often and make up about 10% of accident cases.

Repetitive stress injury and overexertion

Studies reveal overexertion is the second top reason for nonfatal injuries in the workplace, making up 33% of work injuries. Overexertion injuries are commonly caused by pushing the body beyond limits, such as from lifting, pushing, throwing, and carrying.

Repetitive stress injuries occur from overuse of the muscles, causing back, leg or arm strain. A common type of RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects the median nerve in the wrist from repeated motion.

Other injuries

A primary cause of fatal work-related accidents are falling objects, with around 42,400 incidents reported annually. Struck-by an object incidents rank third for workplace fatalities and fourth for nonfatal injury, and 75% involve heavy machinery.

Vehicle accidents are the top cause of work-related deaths, accounting for around 35% of workplace incidents. Fires and explosions cause 3% of workplace injuries, which often result in first and second-degree burns.

Employers are required by law to provide a safe work environment. They could be liable for injuries caused by negligence. However, employees only have a year to file for workers’ compensation.