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Temporary Disability: How it differs for low wage jobs

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

You may have an injury while on a job for your California employer. You may need wages while you recover. This is where Temporary Disability (TD) comes in. They are payments that you receive for lost wages.

According to the information from California, TD kicks in when your doctor says you can’t work for more than 3 days. You may have hospitalization overnight. In either case, your employer does not offer you other paying work. The usual amount is two-thirds of your weekly pay.

TTD: What it means

TTD is temporary total disability. You cannot work at all. In this case, you cannot receive more than the maximum weekly amount. An example would be that if you earned $300 per week and then received TTD, you would get a payment of $200 per week. There are both minimum and maximum amounts.

Different for low wage earners

You may not receive less than the minimum weekly amount. If you earned less than this, your payment might be more than two-thirds of your salary.

If you had an injury in 2016 and your gross wages before injury were less than $253.89 per week, your TTD payments are the minimum: $169.26 per week. The minimum amount may depend on the year in which the injury occurs, as the minimum amount changes each year.

It all helps

Low wage earners depend on Workers’ Comp when they have an injury. This payment will begin within 14 days after your employer learns you have an injury. Your doctor must also say the injury prevents you from doing your job. The payments arrive every two weeks for as long as you are eligible.

If you are a low-wage earner and have an injury, you should know that you may get more than two-thirds of your lost wages. TD is different for those who earn less than the minimum amount.