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Workplace accidents at Amazon warehouses

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2022 | Workplace Accidents

Amazon ranks as one of the highest-profile companies in the world. Employees performing tasks in the company’s warehouses greatly influence its success. Unfortunately, the work has its dangers, and many accidents happen at California warehouses. Statistics reveal the number of workplace incidents at Amazon job sites might be higher than many realize.

Amazon accidents and worrisome statistics

The Strategic Organizing Center released some somber and shocking figures regarding injuries at Amazon warehouses. Per the organization, 2021 saw roughly 38,000 Amazon workers get hurt. The number might reflect an alarming trend since it indicates a 20% increase over 2020.

Another figure may surprise even those who understand warehouse workers’ dangers: Amazon accidents reflect 49% of all warehouse injuries in 2021. Such a number might indicate necessary changes at Amazon facilities to bring those numbers down are past due.

Amazon remains a popular online retailer and third-party selling platform. with so much volume, its warehouses could become hectic places, leaving workers at risk for accidents.

Slip-and-fall accidents might become commonplace when rushing to load packages onto trucks. Workers may drop things that hit and hurt others. Expect injured workers to file workers’ compensation claims and, possibly, lawsuits after such mishaps.

Seeking compensation for injuries

California remains a no-fault workers’ compensation state. So, negligence does not need to be a requirement to file a claim after workplace accidents. However, some situations may lead to a lawsuit, such as people being hurt by third parties or deliberate actions from fellow workers.

Another point bears mentioning here. Workers in other capacities outside the warehouse jobs might get hurt in on-the-job accidents. These workers could explore their legal options as well.