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5 common causes of workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Everyone hopes to have a safe day at work, but things don’t always happen that way. Employees may suffer injuries unexpectedly, even when they take numerous cautionary steps. Certain jobs come with significant hazards, making it harder to prevent problems. And compounding the problems associated with injuries is the economic fallout someone might experience. Thankfully, California’s workers’ compensation laws provide possible solutions. Regardless, attempts to prevent accidents might keep a worker’s life from being interrupted.

Common causes of workplace injuries

Of the many causes of workplace injuries, slips and falls might rank among the most common. People can trip, slip and fall for many reasons. Sometimes, the worker might be responsible for their mishap. Under California’s workers’ compensation law, however, the victim’s negligence is generally not a factor.

Motor vehicle accidents could involve clear fault by one or more parties. Employers might get hit by a car on the job, or they may hit someone while driving. Drivers who hurt themselves in an accident could have a valid workers’ comp claim.

Other causes of workplace injuries

In addition to the two reasons mentioned above for injuries, three other causes often result in workplace incidents. While somewhat rare, workers may suffer from burns, so it pays to be alert when near open flames or hot pipes. Similarly, stayng alert near machinery seems wise, as people can get caught by moving parts.

More common would be repetitive stress injuries. Everything from daily construction work to daily typing may result in such problems. No matter the reason for the injury, it could be advisable to explore legal options to recover losses.