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Common workplace injuries in California

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Undoubtedly, any workspace can have its fair share of dangers. However, work sites like construction projects, healthcare, and even retail pose a more significant threat to their employees than other positions. Therefore, management could benefit by providing exceptional training to mitigate risks. However, training alone may not suffice, so California employees should be alert to six common reasons for workplace injuries.

Six common reasons for workplace injuries

Exertion and repetitive stress may affect the body negatively. Lifting too much or working the same muscles and joints too often could cause repetitive muscle strain leading to serious injuries.

Slipping and falling are common workplace accidents, especially when there is a potential for liquids on tiled flooring. Even those people who work a job not known for being hazardous can trip on loose rugs, spilled drinks or clutter. These obstacles only increase the chances of falling for those working in a dangerous environment increase.

Handheld power tools, heavy equipment, and even old-fashioned hand tools can injure a working person if the individual using them mishandles them. A momentary slip-up could lead to getting cut or burned. In addition, devices may slip out of a high worker’s hand and fall to the ground level, where they hit someone.

Even with the best safety protection, there are accidents, and some workers may become injured, primarily if the workers use hazardous chemicals. In addition, explosions, exposure, infection and illness can still occur regardless of safety measures while working around chemicals.

Construction crews working on the road face another set of issues, drivers. Drivers who do not heed the construction warnings may end up too close to crew members, even when the crew is working in a private parking lot. Professional drivers also face public driving as a work-related incident that may cause injuries.

Lastly, there is always the risk of other people becoming violent in any workplace. While management strives to reduce and weed out potential dangers, there is no sure way to protect employees from themselves. Therefore, injuries sustained in the workplace, regardless of who or what caused them, should be reported immediately so that steps can be taken to reduce the cause of the incident.

Compensation claims

Workers’ compensation laws work to protect employers from lawsuits by offering insurance benefits to workers hurt on the job. When an employee files for workers’ compensation benefits, the worker loses the ability to file a personal injury lawsuit against the employer with certain narrow exceptions. However, the worker may take legal action against negligent third parties for workplace injuries.

Explore your options to receive ample compensation for workplace injuries before settling with your employer.