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California workplace eye injuries and workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries

Eye injuries in California often occur in the workplace and aren’t confined to any specific profession or industry. Anyone, from a construction worker to a retail cashier, can suffer an eye injury at work. Damage can range from severe trauma to minor scratches or slight irritation.

Compensation for workplace eye injuries

Workers’ compensation is often available after an on-the-job eye injury. The money helps the injured person pay medical expenses and replace lost wages. But there are situations when a workplace injury might not qualify for workers’ compensation.

For example, perhaps the worker was using drugs or drunk on the job when the injury occurred. Or the worker could’ve been committing a crime, such as stealing company property or funds. If the worker was doing anything illegal or against company policy when the eye injury occurred, it’s unlikely they’ll receive workers’ compensation.

Common types of workplace eye injuries

Flying objects are a common cause of eye injuries in the workplace. Something as small as a speck of dust can get into a worker’s eye and cause damage. Other flying objects can include wood chips, shards of glass or metal. Chemicals, flames or heat can also cause eye injuries on the job.

Although eye injuries can occur on any job, some jobs are more high-risk than others. For example, a welder is at high-risk for damage from heat or flames. And a janitor is at risk because of working with hazardous materials that can easily splash into the eyes.

Preventing workplace eye injuries

Eye injuries are less likely when eye safety equipment is available. A clean and organized workplace also reduces the risk of workplace eye injuries.