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Top work-related foot injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

Research indicates that over 53,000 work-related foot injuries occur annually in the United States. For Californians, suffering a foot injury while on the job may affect their work performance and overall quality of life in the future. Here are three of the most frequently occurring work-related foot injuries.

Stress fractures

When individuals consider fractures, they often envision a fractured bone. Nonetheless, stress fractures can also occur due to work-related strain, leading to small cracks in the bone that can cause considerable discomfort. Wearing safety boots is typically ineffective in preventing stress fractures, which are commonly experienced by individuals who spend prolonged periods standing or walking on hard surfaces. These fractures can also arise when an individual transitions rapidly from low-intensity to high-intensity movements, such as when a medical practitioner must sprint suddenly in response to an emergency.

Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon, named after the Greek hero Achilles, is located between the leg muscle and heel. An injury to this tendon, whether work-related or not, can significantly affect a person’s ability to walk or perform their job. Such workplace foot injuries may occur when workers slip on a wet floor while walking or if their Achilles tendon gets damaged by a falling object or a motorized vehicle colliding with them.

Plantar fasciitis

Individuals who spend extended periods on their feet may experience plantar fasciitis. This condition arises due to the overuse of the plantar fascia, a lengthy ligament located beneath the skin along the bottom of the foot that links the heel to the front of the foot, providing arch support. Excessive usage of this ligament can result in severe pain. Developing plantar fasciitis involves various factors, including the type of footwear worn, the hardness of the surface on which an individual stands or walks and the duration of time spent on their feet.

Given that a person’s feet work just as hard as the rest of their body, it is crucial to prioritize proper rest, appropriate footwear and a safe working environment to maintain foot health.