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Outdoor workers face injury risks

On Behalf of | May 3, 2023 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries

Certain professions involve working outdoors for extended hours. While some may think that California’s primarily mild weather makes working outside hazard-free, that’s not the case. Workers may face exposure to the elements that could put their health at risk. Taking proper steps to avoid injuries and illnesses should be a priority for workers and employers.

Outdoor dangers and health risks

Beliefs that working in sunny weather won’t present problems could be mistaken. Without proper shade or apparel, workers may suffer severe sunburn. Sun exposure may lead to skin cancer, a potentially fatal condition. Others might discover the sun’s heat contributes to dehydration, which might also make someone fatally ill.

The dangers people face when working outside can be vast. Those who work by a roadside might risk getting hit by a car. Workers on top of a roof or scaffold must worry about heavy winds or the slip-and-fall dangers unexpected rains could create.

Operating heavy machinery and tools may result in severe harm if a mishap occurs. Even a slight distraction could divert a worker’s attention enough that an accident happens. Something slipping out of a worker’s hands might lead to a co-worker’s injuries. Ultimately, there are numerous ways someone could suffer harm when working outside.

Injuries and downtime

Workplace injuries that happen outdoors could include everything from animal bites to chemical burns. Sometimes, the injuries require a few weeks of recovery time, while other instances could lead to permanent disabilities. Either way, the injured worker may need to explore options for compensation.

Worker’s compensation is one option for eligible employees who have been hurt on the job. Independent contractors may explore civil litigation when negligence of another party results in an injury.