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Tips to avoid ladder falls

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2024 | Workplace Accidents

A large percentage of workplace falls happen due to the use of ladders. These are often necessary in manual trade occupations, such as working in construction, painting, roofing and the like. In this sense, ladders create an inherent risk because you cannot avoid using them to accomplish these jobs.

That said, since falls are one of the top reasons for fatal workplace accidents, it is important to know how to use ladders safely. There are many simple steps workers can take to increase their own safety on the job. 

Top 10 ladder safety tips

Workers should always focus on safety, even more than production and efficiency. These tips can help them put safety first when using ladders in any capacity:

  1. Do not lean from the top of the ladder. 
  2. Do not have more than one person working on the ladder at a time. 
  3. Consider weight limits when carrying tools or materials. 
  4. Always try to keep three points of contact when climbing the ladder.
  5. Check the surface that the ladder has been set up on to ensure it is not slick or sloped. 
  6. Do not use ladders in inappropriate weather conditions. 
  7. Watch out for power lines and other overhead hazards. 
  8. Always use the right type of ladder for the job at hand. 
  9. Never stand on the very top of the ladder.
  10. Never use a ladder when feeling sick, fatigued, overly stressed or under the influence.

These tips can help avoid falls, but they do not prevent them entirely. Those who have been injured need to know what legal options they have as they seek workers’ comp benefits.