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How Medicare can affect workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

If you are injured in a workplace accident in California and are 65 years or older, it’s vital at the beginning to notify pertinent individuals that you are Medicare eligible. This is because Medicare has a right under federal law to recover funds aid that workers’ compensation insurance should cover.

Medicare liens can arise without your knowledge

Medicare liens can arise even without you requesting treatment through Medicare. To avoid this situation from happening, don’t mention that you are being treated for a work-related condition when you receive care from your doctors for unrelated conditions. If you do so, your doctor may note this situation, making Medicare officials believe that your primary care doctor or another specialist may be treating you for the work-related condition, even if they are not. Your primary doctor’s office staff may note that on billing and include a code, thereby causing a lien. If you make a mistake and mention your worker’s compensation treatments, payments to your doctors for legitimate Medicare expenses could possibly stop.

Medicare complicates workers’ compensation claims

When you are injured in a workplace mishap, you want to recover the best possible compensation. Benefits do not only cover the cost of your medical treatment but can also cover transportation to and from medical appointments and two-thirds of your weekly income when you are unable to work.

Workers’ compensation claims must follow a specific process so your claim won’t be denied. Not following this process exactly when you are under other medical care can cause an interruption in payments or even denial of coverage. Make sure that you know and follow all recommendations and correctly fill out forms.