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What risks do factory workers face?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Factory workers are essential to the economy. Yet they are often poorly paid and have to work long shifts compared to many other lines of work. The work can also be repetitive. Still, it is a line of work that many rely on and some enjoy.

Yet a factory worker may be left unable to work if they suffer a workplace injury. Here are some that could occur:

Contact with machines

If you work on a production line you need to take great care not to get your hand or an item of clothing caught in the moving belt.

If you are tasked with mending or cleaning machines, your employer must ensure you have a way to do so safely, where the power is cut and no one can turn it back on while you have your hands in the machine.

Moving vehicles

Vehicles are also an ever-present danger in factory jobs. These can range from forklifts running about the work area to trucks in the loading bay. Employers need to find ways to keep workers separate from these vehicles as they can easily crush or run you over.

Slips and falls

If a spillage occurs the risk of a fall increases and you do not need to fall far to suffer a serious injury. Merely slipping on a wet floor and banging your head could leave you with a serious problem.

If you do suffer a workplace injury, it’s wise to take legal assistance to improve the chances you get the full amount of workers’ compensation you deserve.