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Construction workers and dangers

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Workplace Accidents

Conscientious California companies obviously want their workers to remain free from harm on the job. However, even when they are taking dramatic steps to improve worker safety, people get hurt. Injured workers may look towards worker’s compensation benefits to cover them financially.

A safe workplace

OSHA rules establish requirements for employers to maintain a safe workplace. Even when employers follow the rules, workers may still get hurt.

Construction workers face many dangers on the job, many of which the general public would never realize. Slip and fall accidents are common in virtually every work environment, and construction workers will never run short of things that could make them fall. Some falls might be from heights, such as when workers lose their ladder grip, leading to potentially severe injuries.

Construction workers handle tools that could cause harm. A slight distraction may lead to a severe laceration., Sometimes an employer provides low-quality tools or allows unqualified persons to handle them. The results could be consequential.

Employers could take additional steps to increase safety training. Ensuring workers understand what constitutes a risk and how to mitigate dangers could mean fewer accidents.

Some work environments are extremely hazardous, including when workers face exposure to chemicals and fumes. Scalding fluids or hot pipes increase the chances of burn injuries and other harsh workplace accidents.

Workers’ comp claims are not automatically approved

Filing for workers’ compensation benefits can have some obstacles. Mistakes could occur that may delay or lead to a denial. Thankfully, a denied claim could receive approval on appeal.

Providing proof of a job-related injury and details about the treatment or part of the claims process. Taking deliberate and thorough steps could move a claim toward approval.