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How to secure your workers’ compensation claim settlements

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Almost all states require that businesses with employees carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is no-fault insurance coverage that protects business owners in California from employee lawsuits after someone has been injured in the workplace. Employees are able to make claims to the local workers’ compensation board in order to get assistance with costs related to their workplace injuries.

How to improve your chance at getting your workers’ compensation settlement

It’s not often a simple matter to settle a workers’ compensation claim. If you file a claim to the local workers’ compensation board, be prepared for a lengthy process.

It’s crucial that you follow certain guidelines so that it’s more likely the board will accept your claim. Make sure you report your injury as soon as possible to your employer so they can assist you with getting medical attention and investigate the incident. You’ll likely be responsible for filing your workers’ compensation claim.

The process of settling a claim

Many states allow the insurer and injured worker to reach a settlement. The judge may decide this at a hearing if the parties don’t reach an agreement. The employer and their insurance provider will make an offer that may include unpaid medical bill payments, the cost of future treatment, and a disability award if they have a permanent impairment.

The settlement can be in the form of a lump sum (one-time payment) or the insurance company may set up a structured payment plan. The employee and their representative will discuss what the payout should be based on factors such as the medical bills, how likely they are to need future treatment, any lost or future lost wages, disability payments, legal fees, and the workers’ compensations laws and restrictions for the state.

Workers’ compensation settlements help an injured employee maintain their quality of living. While this is under the category of no-fault insurance, you’ll want to establish exactly what happened and provide medical reports and other documentation to help with your claim. This way, you’ll be able to receive a settlement amount that’s fair for your situation.