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Slips and falls in employee parking lots

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

If you slip and fall while walking through an employee parking lot at your place of work, you may be entitled to a financial award. The size and scope of the award depends on a number of factors such as what you were doing when you fell and if the fall was caused by gross negligence.

Poor maintenance is a common risk factor

In many cases, a slip and fall accident occurs because a parking lot was not properly maintained. For instance, it may be covered by several inches of snow or by a glaze of ice because your employer forgot to have it plowed or deiced. It may also be littered with cracks or potholes that increase your risk of falling and causing serious workplace injuries such as broken bones or a concussion. Poor lighting could also increase your risk of a fall even if the parking lot’s surface is relatively safe to walk on.

How to keep yourself safe

While your employer is required to take steps to provide a safe environment, you are also responsible for your own safety. For instance, you should wear shoes or boots as opposed to heels or sandals while walking on icy surfaces. You are also encouraged to make use of railings or other tools available to help you stay upright. Finally, be sure to refrain from listening to loud music, looking at your phone or taking other actions that may prevent you from mitigating a potentially hazardous situation.

If you are hurt while at work, workers’ compensation should be available to cover your medical bills as well as a portion of your lost wages while recovering from a workplace accident. Ideally, you will seek medical treatment and file a claim as soon as possible after the incident.